Journal of South Pacific Law
Volume 2 1998
Volume 2 1998

Refereed Articles

A Trustee's Borrowing Power
by Robert Hughes

Vanuatu’s Accession to the WTO and the WIPO: A Reflection on Patent and Pharmaceutical Technology
by Mohammed Ahmadu

Environmental Protection in the Age of Economics - the Niue Experience
by Nena Hicks

The Relationship Between the Constitution Amendment Act 1997 and International Instruments on the Rights of Women and Children
by Caren Wickliffe

Working Papers

The Control of Fishing Resources in the Federated States of Micronesia
by Marstella Jack

The Constitutional Implications of the Yap State Excise Act in the Constitutional Structure of the Federated States of Micronesia
by Victor Nabeyan

Labour and Employment Conditions in Export Processing Zones: A Socio-Legal Analysis on South Asia and South Pacific
by Mohammed Ahmadu

An Introduction to Policing in the South Pacific Region
by Tess Newton

Offshore Banking in Western Samoa
by Mareva Betham-Annandale

The Tax Haven Industry of Vanuatu
by Renee Lal

Conference Reports
Book Reviews

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Case Commentaries

Vaioleti v Cross & The Commodities Board Supreme Court, Tonga, 6,7 and 15 June 1990. Contract - formation of a unilateral contract; implied terms; custom and usage. Remedies - measure of damages; effect of lapse of time on discretion to award specific performance. Procedure - failure to object to departure form pleadings and production of documents not discovered until final submissions. (J. Corrin Care).

Sundarlal Lallu v Parvati Manilal Lallu Ranchod Court of Appeal, Fiji, unreported, CAN ABU0053 of 1995S. Contract - undue influence - exercise of dominion and inequality of bargaining power - lack of independent legal advice - fiduciary relationship - misrepresentation - non-disclosure of necessary information. (J. Corrin Care)

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