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Site last updated 27 February 2015

PacLII Demo Website:

PacLII has been working on an updated look for the website which is intended to give it a more modern look and feel and to accommodate the increasing amount and range of information to be offered on the site. It is also intended to make navigation of the site easier for our users. In the development of the new look site we have sought to incorporate comments and suggestions made by our users in the previous Stakeholder Surveys undertaken by PacLII. The new site is still a work-in-progress but we are making it visible now so that you can go in, take a look around, and make any comments and suggestions you might like at this time, so that we may continue to incorporate your ideas as we work on the new website. You may visit the demo website by clicking here and send us your comments and suggestions via the feed-back page or by writing to the Director at

PacLII 2014 Impact Survey - Please help us to help you by participating in this Survey

As part of our ongoing monitoring of the value of the PacLII service to all of our users and stakeholders PacLII is conducting a new 2014 Survey. We have undertaken surveys previously in 2008/9, 2010 and 2011 and have gained valuable feedback as to what features of the website are of most use; what needs to be added to and how generally the service can be improved. The 2014 Survey asks many of the same or similar questions to previous surveys so that we may compare and measure developments in certain areas. There are however three additional components

  1. We seek to ask some limited questions to measure the 'impact' of PacLII on our users. That is, we would like to gain an understanding of how the existence of PacLII, the service it provides and the functionality of that service helps you to do your job/research or whatever. To answer this we ask you to share stories with us that might illustrate your point. These questions may be particularly appropriate for those amongst you who remember the pre-Internet era.
  2. We would like to investigate the range of purposes that the free access to legal information provided by PacLII supports - not only within the legal profession; legislative bodies; judiciary and teachers of law but outside of those fields into media; industry; commerce and so forth.
  3. An issue that faces any not for profit organisation is how to continue to provide a service on a continuing basis by securing a steady income stream without charging for the service. PacLII is committed as a member of the Free Access to Law movement to providing free access to the core legal information that it publishes. To date it has been fully funded by the donor community - currently solely the Australian Government. We are looking for your ideas as to how we might continue to operate the service should that funding no longer be available, or be severely curtailed, post the current Agreement which ends 30th June 2016.
The 2014 Impact Survey will be conducted mainly online until end January 2015 to allow plenty of opportunity for responses. We will also be conducting interviews by telephone and where possible face to face. If you would like to participate in a telephone interview or face to face discussion then please email the PacLII Director on to arrange a suitable date and time. To access the 2014 PacLII Survey online please click here

PacLII Facebook Page

PacLII now has a Facebook page - you can visit at

PacLII Net Newsletter

PacLII Net is a monthly email mail newsletter attaching lists of materials that have been uploaded to the website over the preceding month, plus information on any noteworthy developments. If you would like to subscribe to receive this monthly email then please click here.

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