Journal of South Pacific Law
Volume 4 2000
Volume 4 , 2000

Refereed Articles

1. Jennifer Corrin Care -
The Status of Customary Law in Fiji Islands After the Constitutional Amendment Act 1997

2. Kenneth Brown -
The Language of Land: Look Before You Leap

3. Nena Hicks -
Legislation and Pesticide Control in the South Pacific

4. Don Paterson -
Legal Challenges for Small Jurisdictions in relation to Privacy, Freedom of Information and Access to Justice

5. Peter Fitzpatrick -
Magnified Features: The Underdevelopment of Law and Legitimation

6. Samia Bano -
Muslim Asian Women and Customary Law in Britain

7. Reid Mortensen -
Slaving in Australian Courts: Blackbirding Cases, 1869-1871

8. Sue Farran and Jennifer Corrin Care -
Towards a Pragmatic Approach to the Contract or Tort Debate in the South Pacific

Working Papers

1. Philip Tagini - Foreign Investment in the Solomon Islands: A Legal Analysis

2. Philip Tagini - E-Commerce in Vanuatu: Can Contract Law Accommodate for New Technology?

3. Daveena Sudhakar - Insider Trading in the Fiji Islands: A Critical Analysis

4. Laitia Tamata - Application of the Human Rights Conventions in the Pacific Islands Courts

5. David Lidimani - Custom in Legislative Drafting

Conference Reports
Book Reviews

1. Finnane, M. Punishment in Australian Society
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4. Philips, S. Ideology in the Language of Judges
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5. Eekelaar, J. & Nhlapo, T. The Changing Family - Family Forms & Family Law
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6. Hughes, R. Succession Law in the South Pacific
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10. Steinwall, R. (Ed.) 25 Years of Australian Competition Law
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Case Commentaries

1. Auspacific Construction Co Pty Ltd v Attorney-General on behalf of the Government of Kiribati, unreported, Court of Appeal of Kiribati, Civil Appeal No. 1 of 1996, 25 March 1997. (J.Corrin Care)

2. ANZ (Vanuatu) Ltd v Gougeon & Others, unreported, Court of Appeal of Vanuatu, Civil Appeal No. 6 of 1998, 28 September 1999. (S. Farran)
Indefeasibility of title registered under the Land Leases Act CAP 163 – Availability of rectification – Whether the right to rectification a mere equity or an equitable interest – The nature of a right to register a mortgage - The ranking of equities – Application of the maxim "where the equities are equal the first in time prevails".

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