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Tuvalu Sessional Legislation

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Tuvalu National Flag Act 1995


(Act No. 4 of 1995)

I assent

Tulaga Manuella MBE

December, 1995

AN ACT to declare a certain flag to be the Tuvalu National Flag, and for connected purposes.

ENACTED by the Parliament of Tuvalu-

Short title and commencement

1. This Act may be cited as the Tuvalu National Flag Act and 1995 and shall come into operation c in such date as the Minister commencement shall by notice appoint.


2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires "the Tuvalu National Flag" means the flag declared in accordance with section 3.

The Tuvalu National Flag

3. The flag described in Schedule 1 and reproduced in Schedule 2 is declared to be the Tuvalu National Flag.

Authority to use flag

4. The Minister may, by notice authorise a person, body or authority to use the Tuvalu National Flag design either without defacement or defaced in the manner specified in the notice.

Rules as to use of flags

5. The Minister may make and cause to be published rules for the guidance of persons in connection with the flying or use of the Tuvalu National Flag.

(Section 3)


1. The Tuvalu National Flag has:

(a) five unequal stripes from top to bottom of red, write, blue, white and red;

(b) a white triangle at the hoist, the base of which corresponds to the area between the red stripes, and which bears the Tuvalu Coat of Arms; and

(c) eight white five - pointed stars arranged in the fly in an irregular band diagonally from bottom centre to upper fly, with two stars in each red stripe and four stars in the blue stripe.

2. The proportions of the flag are:

(a) Width : Height = 1:2

(b) Relative widths of stripes = approximately 5:1:13:1:5

(c) Height of Coat of Arms = 3/10 width of flag

(d) Distance from the hoist to the apex of the triangle = approximately 3/4 width of flag

(e) Diameter of each star = approximately 1/7 width of the flag

(Section 3)




(This memorandum is not part of the Act)

The purpose of this Act is to declare a certain flag to be the Tuvalu National Flag.

Section 1:

This section sets out the short title of the act and also provides that the act is to come into operation on the date it receives the Royal Assent.

Section 2:

This section defines the term "Tuvalu National Flag" for the purposes of the Act.

Section 3:

This section declares and defines the Tuvalu National Flag by reference to Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 of the Act. Schedule 1 provides a description of the flag while Schedule 2 reproduces a copy of the flag.

Section 4:

This section permits the Minister to authorise a person, body or authority to use the Tuvalu National Flag in some fashion that may result in an alteration to the appearance of the flag. Examples of this could include a letterhead design which incorporates the National Flag, or a corporate emblem. Individuals will need to apply to the Minister for approval to use the flag is such a way. This section does not prohibit general use of the flag by members of the community.

Section 5:

This section empowers the Minister to publish rules relevant to the flying or use of the Tuvalu National Flag.

Schedule 1:

This Schedule describes the Tuvalu National Flag.

Schedule 2:

This Schedule reproduces the Tuvalu National Flag.


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