This site was last updated on 12th February 2009. These databases have not been regularly updated since April 09 due to Editor's departure and staff shortage.

Welcome to The Pacific Islands Treaty Series

Pacific Islands Treaty Series

The Pacific Islands Treaty Series, otherwise affectionately known as "PITS", aims to be a comprehensive treaty database for the Pacific Islands region publishing bilateral and multilateral treaties which Pacific Island states have entered into amongst themselves, as well as with nations and organisations external to the region.

In addition, some treaties are included in the PITS database if they are relevant to the Pacific Island states and territories that are the focus of the PITS site even if they do not have any Pacific Island state parties.

A gateway to Treaty information for Pacific Island Countries

The PITS database focuses on 20 countries and territories in the Pacific.

The countries and territories are shown above. The predominant, if not official international language in these Pacific Island countries and territories is either English or French or both.

Hence, the PITS is a bilingual database which contains both French and English language treaties as well as information in both English and French languages.

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