Pacific Intellectual Property

last updated: on November 17, 2011

This virtual library is intended as an aid for scholars, students, legal practitioners, policy-makers and others who are interested in intellectual property law in the Pacific Islands region.  This is a relatively new area of the law for the region and the intention of this resource is to collect as much relevant case-law, legislation, treaties and other resources as possible and to make it readily accessible in one location.

The resource has been divided into a number of sub-topics as can be seen in the side-bar to assist users with more directly pin-pointing their research interests.  It should be noted that for some of these topics there are currently not very many cases available, simply because the issues have not as yet come before courts in the region.Each sub-topic includes links to the applicable international instruments as well as to national legislation and case law. As new national legislation and/or case law becomes available to PacLII it will be automatically uploaded so that the website will remain current.Some of the sub-topics (such as copyright) also have a list of cases that are relevant to the subject area that for various technical reasons may not be captured by a search of the PacLII database.

There is also a “Useful Websites” page and this may serve as a starting point to your investigation of the law in a particular area.  Secondary sources as well as information about current projects in this area can also be found at

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