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Samoa Sessional Legislation

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Constitution Amendment Act (No 2) 1997


Constitution Amendment Act (No. 2)
1997, No. 15

Arrangement of Provisions

1. Short Title

2. Omission of the word “Western”

3. Omission of the word “Western” from any Act

4. Validity not affected


AN ACT to amend the Constitution.

[4 July 1997]

BE IT ENACTED by the Legislative Assembly of Western Samoa assembled as follows:-

1. Short Title - This Act may be cited as the Constitution Amendment Act (No. 2) 1997 and shall be read together with and deemed part of the Constitution of the Independent State of Western Samoa (hereinafter referred to as the Constitution).

2. Omission of the Word "Western" - The Constitution is hereby amended by omitting the word "Western" from any place where it appears in the Constitution immediately before the word "Samoa".

3. Omission of the word "Western" from any Act - By the authority of this Constitutional Amendment, the word "Western" shall be repealed from any Act where it appears immediately before the word "Samoa".

4. Validity not affected - The validity of any document, article, object or anything whatsoever will not be called into question because of the presence of the word "western" before the word "Samoa".


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