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Vanuatu Consolidated Subsidiary Legislation

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Statistics Regulations


Joint Rules 9 of 1974

1. Interpretation

In these Regulations −

“Committee” means the statistics Committee established under section 4 of the Statistics Act, Cap. 83;

“Department” means the Department of Statistics;

“Statistician” means the Principal Statistician;

2. Constitution and functions of Committee

(1) The Committee shall be constituted by three members, namely: two representatives of the Minister, and the Statistician or his delegate.

(2) The Committee shall have authority to invite other persons from government departments or private organisations to advise on subjects of interest to them.

(3) The Statistician or his delegate shall be the secretary of the Committee.

(4) Meetings of the Committee shall be held at least once in every quarter and in addition at the request of any member.

(5) The functions of the Committee shall be to determine the statistics programme and statistical priorities; to facilitate the implementation of that programme by taking steps to secure the provision of adequate finance and staff; to deal with any questions arising in respect of requests by the Statistician to heads of departments of the Government to ensure that applications by United Nations Organisations and similar bodies concerning official statistics on Vanuatu are forwarded to the Statistician for completion; and to decide whether prosecutions recommended by the Statistician under section 7 of the Statistics Act, Cap. 83 should proceed.

(6) The relationship between the Committee and the various departments of the Government shall be secured within the Committee by the representative of the department concerned.

3. Procedure concerning Government departments

The procedure to be followed in respect of requests by the Statistician for the provision of statistical information from Government departments shall be as follows −

Any request concerning a Government department may be referred directly to the head of the department concerned, provided that any difficulties concerning such requests, which cannot be settled by the Statistician and the head of the department concerned, shall be referred to the Committee by the Statistician.

4. New or modified collections by departments to be notified to Statistician
In order to enable the Statistician to carry out his duties and functions under sections 6, 7 and 8 of the Statistics Act, Cap. 83, heads of Government departments shall be required to notify the Statistician before undertaking any new, or modifying any existing, statistical collections or projects of their departments which yield statistical data.

5. Autonomy of Department of Statistics

For the purposes of section 2(2) of the Statistics Act, Cap. 83, establishing the Department as an autonomous section of the Ministry responsible for statistics, the following rules shall apply −

(a) for budget purposes the Department shall be shown as a separate part of the Ministry;

(b) the Statistician shall be responsible for providing estimates of the revenue and expenditure of the Department;

(c) with the exception of those concerning the Statistician, staff reports concerning personnel of the Department shall be the responsibility of the Statistician. Reports concerning the Statistician shall be the responsibility of the Minister responsible for statistics;

(d) in respect of all other establishment matters relating to the Department, the Statistician is authorised to deal directly with the Public Service Department.

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