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Municipality of Port Vila ... Land Transport Board (Procedure) Rules

Commencement: 27 August 1990


Order 34 of 1990

To provide for the procedure rules of the Municipality of Port Vila and the Efate Local Government Region and for matters connected therewith.

1. Interpretation
In this Order, unless the context otherwise requires:

“Act” means the Taxis Act [Cap. 49];

“Board” means the Municipality of Port Vila and the Efate Local Government Region Land Transport Board established under section 18(2) of the Act;

“Chairman” means the Director of the Department of Local Government sitting as the Chairman of the Board under section 18(2)(a);

“Member” means a member of the Municipality of Port Vila and the Efate Local Government Region Land Transport Board constituted under section 18(2) of the Act;

“Secretary” means the Secretary of the Board as appointed under section 18(7) of the Act.

2. Calling of meetings
(1) The Board shall sit at such time and place as the Chairman shall direct.

(2) The Chairman shall in writing issue notice of Board meetings to each member stating the place and time therein.

(3) The notice issued under subrule (2) shall be given not less than three clear days in advance of the day of the meeting and shall be recorded in the minute book.

(4) Where the agenda has not been exhausted at one session and it becomes necessary for the Board to meet the following day or on subsequent days, the Chairman shall at the session verbally obtain consent of the majority of members to attend meetings on the following day or subsequent days as the case may be.

3. Invitations to non-Board members to attend meetings
(1) The Board may invite to its meetings any person having special knowledge of the matters which the Board is concerned with, and whose advice may be of use.

(2) Any person invited to attend a Board meeting under sub-paragraph (1) shall not have a right to vote.

4. Agenda
The agenda of all meetings shall be drawn up by the Chairman in conjunction with the Secretary and shall be issued with notices convening such meetings. It shall list items in the following order:

approval of minutes of the previous meeting;

examination of listed business;

any other business.

5. Opening of meetings
(1) The Chairman shall open meetings at the time specified in notices issued under rule 2(2) and shall ascertain whether there is a quorum.

(2) If one hour after the time specified a quorum is still not reached, the Chairman shall adjourn the meeting for four days.

(3) On adjournment of a meeting under subrule (2) new notices shall be issued to members who were absent from the meeting.

(4) The Board shall meet after the four days adjournment declared under subrule (2) and shall proceed with its normal business whatever the number of members present.

6. Minutes of meetings
(1) After the opening of the meeting the Chairman shall direct the Secretary to read out the minutes of the previous meeting.

(2) The Secretary shall take minutes of all proceedings, discussions, decisions and votes of Board meetings.

7, Voting
(1) A vote shall be taken on all matters discussed by the Board.

(2) Voting shall be by show of hands and shall be by the majority of the members voting.

8. Power to hold public meetings
For the purposes of determining the system of fare levying to be used and the fare structure to be charged by the common vehicle operators in the Port Vila Municipality or the Efate Local Government Region, the Board may –

hold, convene or organize a public meeting or

receive written representation from any member of the public.

9. Attendance allowance
Each member of the Board including the Secretary who is not a public servant or an employee of the Port Vila Municipal Council or the Efate Local Government Council shall be entitled to a maximum allowance of VT 4,000 for each meeting of the Board that he attends.

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