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Vanuatu Consolidated Subsidiary Legislation

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Civil Aviation (Aircraft Landing Fees) Regulations

Commencement: 1 January 1985


Order 43 of 1984
Order 38 of 1985
Order 3 of 1986
Order 40 of 1986
Order 20 of 1988
Order 4 of 1991

To prescribe the rate of aircraft landing fees at certain aerodromes.

1. Landing fees

(a) Unless otherwise exempted under these Regulations, all aircraft landing at the aerodromes of Bauerfield at Port Vila, Pekoa at Luganville and Burton at Lenakel shall be charged and shall pay in respect of each landing, the fees prescribed in regulations 2, 3 and 4.

(b) The landing fees to be paid shall be calculated on the basis of the maximum permissible take-off weight of the aircraft authorized by the aeronautical authority of the country in which the aircraft is registered.

2. Aircraft on international service

The landing fee rates to be paid by aircraft normally engaged on international services or otherwise engaged on an international flight are as follows −

Weight of Aircraft Each tonne or part thereof

(i) not exceeding 20 tonnes VT 350

(ii) exceeding 20 tonnes but not exceeding 60 tonnes VT 485

(iii) exceeding 60 tonnes VT 730

3. Aircraft on domestic service

(a) The landing fee rates to be paid by aircraft normally engaged on domestic services are as follows −

Weight of Aircraft Each tonne or part thereof

(i) for the first 15 tonnes VT 100

(ii) for the next 10 tonnes VT 140

(iii) exceeding 25 tonnes VT 345

(b) Any aircraft engaged on domestic services shall pay a landing fee of VT 200 in respect of each landing at all public aerodromes except Bauerfield and Pekoa aerodromes.

4. Helicopters

The landing fee rates to be paid by helicopters shall be one-half of the appropriate rates set out in regulations 2 and 3.

5. Exemptions

The following aircraft shall be exempt from the payment of landing fees –

(a) any state aircraft (aircraft of military, customs and police services);

(b) any aircraft being used solely for diplomatic purposes;

(c) any aircraft carrying out a test or training flight;

(d) any aircraft engaged in flights of a humanitarian nature, including search and rescue flights;

(e) any aircraft forced to land in an emergency.

6. Method of payment

(a) The fees herein provided shall become due immediately after the arrival of the aircraft and shall, subject to the provisions of subregulation (b) be payable on behalf of the owner or charterer by the Captain of the aircraft to an authorised officer of the Government at each airport.

(b) The fees may by prior arrangement be paid to the Department of Civil Aviation by the airline on a quarterly basis in respect of landings made by the airline during the previous 3 months.

(c) Where the fees are not paid by the airline within 30 days of the due date the Government shall recover the amount due as a civil debt.

Table of Amendments (since the Revised Edition 1988)

2 Amended by Order 4 of 1991
3 Amended by Order 4 of 1991

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