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Business Licence Rule 2 of 2002

Commencement: 1 August 1998


Published Gazette No. 26 of 2002

Amended by Business Licence Rule 3/2002,

published Gazette No. 26 of 2002

To prescribe the rule for defining the various business activities which require separate business licences.

This rule defines what the business licence activities are under each category as per the Business Licence Act.

Business licences are to be issued for the various business activities under the following descriptions:

Business Licence Activities
Mining, quarrying and Logging
❖ Mining for minerals
❖ Quarrying and other mining
❖ Logging
Industries and Trade
❖ Abattoir and meat packing
❖ Canneries
❖ Oil mill
❖ Bakeries and confectioneries
❖ Manufacture of food products not elsewhere classified
❖ Manufacture of prepaid animal feeds
❖ Distilleries
❖ Breweries
❖ Manufacture of carbonated non-alcoholic beverages
❖ Manufacture of cordials and non carbonated or non alcoholic beverages
❖ Manufacture of tobacco
❖ Sawmills, planning and other wood mills
❖ Manufacture of wooden furniture, fixtures and fittings
❖ Artifacts and decorative small furnishing
❖ Manufacture of paper, paper products, printer and publisher
❖ Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products
❖ Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
❖ Manufacture of soap and cleaning preparations
❖ Shipbuilders and repairers
❖ Manufacturers of wearing apparels (dressmakers and tailors working alone or employing not more than two apprentices are licensed under category G)
❖ Jewelers
❖ Home manufacturer and purveyors of pies, meat balls, nems and similar prepared foods
❖ Home manufacturer of beverages of all kinds excluding
❖ Kava Bars
❖ Airconditioning and refrigeration
❖ Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster
❖ Manufacture of structural and fabricated metal products
❖ Other manufacturers not elsewhere classified
industries and trade
❖ General and specific trade contractors
❖ Artisans working alone (or with up to two apprentices – bricklayers, electricians, painters, decorators, jobbing builders, masons, plumbers, welders, fitters, turners)
❖ Computer network installation
❖ Motor vehicle repair shops
❖ Other construction industries and trade not elsewhere classified
Wholesale and retail
merchandising trades

❖ Importers
Retailers and
❖ Retailers
❖ Wholesalers
❖ Butchers
❖ Pharmacists and druggists
❖ Other wholesale and retail merchandising not elsewhere classified
Hotel, motels,
restaurants, cafés and bars
❖ Hotels
❖ Motels
❖ Restaurants
❖ Cafés
❖ Bars
Takeaway outlets
❖ Takeaway outlets
Open air vendors,
mobile shops and
door-to-door sales
❖ Open air vendors
❖ Mobile shops
❖ Door-to-door sales
Transportation, storage facilities and tourism services
❖ Air transport operators and carriers
❖ Supporting services to air transport
❖ Ship and boat owners and operators
❖ Road transport operators
❖ Vehicle rental and hire services
❖ Plant and equipment rental and hire services
❖ Storage and warehousing services
❖ Stevedoring and wharf facilities and services
❖ Travel agent
❖ Tour agent
❖ Local tour operator
❖ Seaport or airport agent
❖ Customs agents
❖ Other transport support services
Financial and monetary institutions, insurance and real estate companies, professional and business services


❖ Commercial bank
Other financial institutions
❖ Trust companies
❖ Financial institutions
❖ Finance and investment companies


❖ Domiciled Vanuatu licensed insurance company

❖ Non domiciled Vanuatu licensed insurance company

❖ Insurance agents

❖ Insurance brokers
Other professional and business services
❖ Real estate agent
❖ Property managers
❖ Land and property developers
❖ Legal practitioners
❖ Accounting practitioners
❖ Engineering practitioners and services
❖ Architectural practitioners and services
❖ Surveyors and draftsmen
❖ Core drilling, assaying geological and prospecting support services
❖ Business and financial services and consultants
❖ Book keeping services
❖ Management services and consultants
❖ Advertising and marketing services and consultants
❖ Photocopying and duplicating services
❖ Typing and secretarial services
❖ Language translation and interpreting services
❖ Business security and protective services
❖ Debt collection and credit rating services
❖ Other business and administrative services and agencies
Personal, social, recreational and repair services

Medical and dental practitioners, optometrists, chiropractors, osteopaths, nursing services and veterinary services
❖ Medical practitioners
❖ Dental practitioners
❖ Optometrists
❖ Chiropractors
❖ Osteopaths
❖ Nursing services
❖ Masseurs and physiotherapists
❖ Midwives
❖ Veterinary services
Personal, social, recreational and repair services
❖ Cinema and theater operators
❖ Video operators
❖ Compact disc or digital video disk operators
❖ Night Club and dance hall operators
❖ Recreational and pleasure grounds and facilities
❖ Riding schools
❖ Driving schools
❖ Recreational sporting and social services
❖ Video cassette hiring and hire of video cassette recorders and television equipment
❖ Hire of compact disk (CD) or digital video disk (DVD)
❖ Hire of VCR and TV equipment
❖ Hire of CD or DVD equipment
❖ Laundries, Laundromats, dry cleaning
❖ Beauty salons and centers
❖ Barbers and hairdressing services
❖ Photographers
❖ Photo processing and photographers
❖ Repairs of electrical machines and electronic equipment
❖ Upholsterers
❖ Other repair services
❖ Vending machine owners
❖ Owners or operators of electronic and similar games
❖ Account teachers and language tuition
❖ Lawn mowing
❖ Landscaping and nature services
❖ Typists working alone
❖ Domestic employment agencies
❖ Shopping services
❖ Subscription libraries
❖ Schools and institutions conducted for profit

❖ Electricity generation
❖ Electricity distribution

Telecommunication, telegraphic and communication service companies and providers
❖ National and/or international telephone service providers
❖ Internet Service Providers
❖ Data and transaction processing
❖ Electronic mail, voice mail facsimile services, including store and forward, store and retrieve
Water works, distribution and supply companies and providers
❖ Water works, distribution and supply companies and providers
Radio and television broadcasting companies and providers
❖ Radio broadcasting
❖ Television production, broadcasting and providers
❖ Television providers

In case of any doubt the Minister may make written rulings. Those written rulings and decisions will have precedence over this, or any other, delegated authority in respect of the interpretation of any of the provisions of the Business Licence Act.

Table of Amendments

Category F4 Amended by Business Licence Rules 3/2002

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