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Criminal Law in Solomon Islands

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Criminal Law in Solomon Islands







The Solomon Islands Law And Justice Sector Institutional Strengthening Program
Is A Bilateral Program Of The Governments Of Australian And Solomon Islands




Chapter 1: Introduction to Criminal Law
Chapter 2: Criminal Jurisdiction of the Courts
Chapter 3: Statutory Interpretation
Chapter 4: Proof of Issues
Chapter 5: Charges
Chapter 6: General Duties of the Prosecution
Chapter 7: Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
Chapter 8: Admissibility of Evidence
Chapter 9: Power to Arrest
Chapter 10: Power to Enter & Search
Chapter 11: Witnesses
Chapter 12: Preliminary Investigations/Inquiries
Chapter 13: Introduction to Court Procedure
Chapter 14: Examination of Witnesses
Chapter 15: Re-Openings
Chapter 16: No Case to Answer
Chapter 17: Bail
Chapter 18: Adjournments
Chapter 19: Attempts to Commit Offences
Chapter 20: Parties to Offences
Chapter 21: Criminal Responsibility
Chapter 22: Larceny
Chapter 23: Receiving
Chapter 24: Break & Enter & Related Offences
Chapter 25: Wilful Damage or Destruction
Chapter 26: Arson
Chapter 27: False Pretences
Chapter 28: Obtaining Credit by False Pretences
Chapter 29: Forgery
Chapter 30: Uttering
Chapter 31: Common Assault
Chapter 32: Bodily Harm
Chapter 33: Unlawful Wounding
Chapter 34: Grievous Harm
Chapter 35: Assault with Intent
Chapter 36: Assault, Resist & Wilfully Obstruct Police
Chapter 37: Robbery
Chapter 38: Homicidal Offences
Chapter 39: Rape
Chapter 40: Indecent Assault
Chapter 41: Defilement
Chapter 42: Incest by Males
Chapter 43: Incest by Females
Chapter 44: Sexual Offences Generally
Chapter 45: Reckless or Dangerous Driving
Chapter 46: Careless or Inconsiderate Driving
Chapter 47: Taking Vehicles without Authority
Chapter 48: Unfit to Drive
Chapter 49: Dangerous Drugs
Chapter 50: Liquor Act
Chapter 51: Firearms & Ammunition Act
Chapter 52: Drunkenness
Chapter 53: Riotous or Disorderly Manner
Chapter 54: Threatening, Abusive or Insulting Words or Behaviour
Chapter 55: Going Armed in Public
Chapter 56: Possession of Weapon
Chapter 57: Threatening Violence
Chapter 58: Demanding Property with Menaces
Chapter 59: Sentencing


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