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Kiribati System of Government Information

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Pacific Governments - Kiribati


Country name:





Legal system:

(See Sources of Law for a full overview)


Official Languages:

National Government:

(i) Executive Branch:

Head of State & Head of Government: The President - President elected by popular vote for a four-year term; note - the House of Assembly chooses the presidential candidates from among their members and then those candidates compete in a general election.

Cabinet: appointed by the president from among the members of the House of Assembly, includes the president, vice president, attorney general, and up to eight other ministers.

(ii) Legislative Branch:

Maneaba Ni Maungatabu: Unicameral House of Assembly - 41 seats; 39 elected by popular vote, one ex officio member, and one nominated to represent Banaba; members serve four-year terms.

(iii) Judicial Branch:

Privy Council (UK); Court of Appeal;, High Court; Magistrates' Courts - judges and magistrates at all levels (other than Privy Council) are appointed by the President.

(See Court System for a full overview)

Regional Government:

3 units: Gilbert Islands, Line Islands, Phoenix Islands
note: in addition, there are 6 districts (Banaba, Central Gilberts, Line Islands, Northern Gilberts, Southern Gilberts, Tarawa) and 21 island councils - one for each of the inhabited islands (Abaiang, Abemama, Aranuka, Arorae, Banaba, Beru, Butaritari, Kanton, Kiritimati, Kuria, Maiana, Makin, Marakei, Nikunau, Nonouti, Onotoa, Tabiteuea, Tabuaeran, Tamana, Tarawa, Teraina)

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