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Niue Courts System Information

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Pacific Courts - Niue





        has jurisdiction to hear an appeal from a decision of the High Court as of right:

        if the High Court certifies that a substantial question of law as to the interpretation or effect of the Constitution is involved;

        if the matter in dispute is worth not less than the minimum amount prescribed by statute;

        in any case where an appeal is provided for by statute; or

        which involved a criminal conviction.

        has jurisdiction to hear a civil appeal from a decision of the High Court with leave of the High Court or special leave of the Court of Appeal.

        has a general jurisdiction to hear and determine any criminal appeal from a judgment of the High Court but not one relating to a sentence passed that is fixed by law.



        has unlimited first instance jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters.

        In civil matters a commissioner or two justices of the peace have jurisdiction to deal with actions for the recovery of debt or damages or recovery of chattels not exceeding $1,500.

        In criminal matters, the High Court may be constituted by a commissioner of the High Court whose jurisdiction is deemed to be concurrent with that of a High Court judge.

        A judge of the High Court has jurisdiction to hear appeals from decisions of the commissioner or two justices sitting together.

For more information on the court system in Niue see Jennifer Corrin-Care, Tess Newton and Don Paterson Introduction to South Pacific Law (Cavendish Publishing Ltd, London, 1999) 296-298. 

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