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Marine (Amendment) Decree 2010

(DECREE No. 27 of 2010)


IN exercise of the powers vested in me as President of the Republic of Fiji and the Commander in Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces by virtue of the Executive Authority Decree 2009, I hereby make the following Decree -


Short Title and Commencement

1. - (1) This Decree maybe cited as the Marine (Amendment) Decree 2010.

(2) This Decree shall commence on the date it is published in the Gazette.

(3) The Marine Act shall be referred to as "the Act".

Section 183 Amended

2. Section 183 of the Act is amended by deleting section 183 and substituting with a new section 183 -

"183. - (1) All internal waters of Fiji shall be a pilotage area.

(2) It shall be compulsory for all vessels to which this Part applies to give the vessel in pilotage charge to a licensed pilot prior to entering or leaving a pilotage area.

(3) The Minister shall specify in an order made by him under subsection (1) an area of water adjacent to the pilotage area to which the order relates to be the boarding ground in respect of that pilotage area".

Section 184 Amended

3. Section 184 of the Act is repealed.

Section 185 Amended

4. Section 185 of the Act is amended by deleting the word "compulsory", wherever it appears.

Section 199 Amended

5. Section 199 subsection (1) of the Marine (Amendment) Act 2005 is amended by deleting and substituting

"Pilotage fees and charges for pilotage services in respect of a vessel are payable in the prescribed manner".

GIVEN under my hand this 7th day of May 2010.

President of the Republic of Fiji


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